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This week....Government to spend £4m pushing UK holidays | CWT Digital

on 6th February

Hello and welcome to our latest installment of this week. Some of you may have had to deal with the snow over the weekend, or if you were lucky like us you completely escaped it. This week will no doubt be a busy week for many of you with Travel Technology Europe, some of the CWT Digital members will be attending the event so if you do want to get hold of us for a meeting then please drop us a call/ email.

Last week was a pretty big week in terms of technology with Facebook’s move to become IPO being the main focus. To find out about this and more then do read on.

CWT Digital News:

It’s our final Big 10: This week we will be launching our 10th and final Big 10 competition. As it’s our last we’ve decided to give away a big prize in the form of a Travel Consultancy Session. The travel consultancy session will be hosted at the CWT Digital offices, in which the winner will attend a session with some top industry experts. Our panel will consist of CWT Digital technology and travel experts as well as guest attendance from a key industry figure. During the session the winner will be able to ask questions and advice from the team as well as gain top expert advice. We will be opening up the competition at some point this week so make sure you’re watching our site to enter.

Travel News:

Travel companies speak out against governments £4m UK push- 6th Feb- Virgin Holidays and ABTA are the latest to join the fight against the governments plan to spend £4 million on pushing UK holidays. The culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt, wants to push UK holidays in particular around the Olympics, questioning why any Brit would want to leave the country at this time. Virgin Holidays Managing Director, Amanda Wills, spoke out against the government not supporting the travel industry stating ‘whether it is Air Passenger Duty, rising fuel prices or restrictive security at our airports, Number 10 seems determined to make up the mind of the consumer and deter them from travelling abroad for a well earned break from the UK’. The governments campaign is already live but it is still questionable what level of influence this will have on Brits planning their holidays abroad.

Groupon labelled ‘appalling’ by key travel industry brands- 3rd Feb- At the Chartered Institute of Marketing Travel Industry Group meeting this week, leading travel brands Tui and British Airways slated the daily deals site claiming that it will ‘ultimately trash your brand’. The 2 companies argued that the deals site is purely for discount shoppers which cheapens your brand as well not producing repeat purchases. The site has proved popular with a few travel industry companies such as Virgin Holidays and Expedia, which has partnered with the site to create Groupon Getaways. Groupon has proved very popular with consumers yet it is still disputed whether its suitable for travel.

TripAdvisor forced to change it’s marketing claims- 1st Feb- After months of investigating the ASA have finally released their findings on the TripAdvisor complaints. The ASA has instructed the reviews site to re-write it’s wording within the site and are no longer allowed to ‘claim or imply that all the reviews that appeared on the website were from real travellers, or were honest, real or trusted’.

Technology News:

Facebook IPO is live and sets its sights on $5 billion- 1st Feb- Last week the world had all eyes on Facebook which filed for IPO with plans to raise a massive $5 billion. With the company going public, it was forced to released key numbers and future plans as well as details of  the biggest threats to the company. This was considered the biggest IPO since Google and investors were keen to hear Facebook’s future plans. Of course Facebook’s main financial source is through it’s advertising and one feature that has been continually mentioned was mobile and more targeted advertising. The public have raised concerns that in an effort to raise $5 billion, their personal data could be up for sale to advertisers. In a controversial move, Mark Zuckerberg has reduced his annual salary to $1 a year, with the majority of his income and investment based on shares. To see a full break down of the IPO you see this complete guide on Mashable here.    

Anonymous strikes again- 3rd Feb- Last Friday the Internet hacking group, Anonymous, released a recording of a private conversation between the US FBI and London’s Metropolitan Police. The subject of the call was to discuss the investigation into hacking and actions that were being taken. The recording along with an email was published on YouTube and a supported with a Twitter update from the group which read ‘The FBI might be curious how we’re able to continuously read their internal comms for some time now’. Anonymous have been disrupting government sites for some time now and their power and hacking skills have so far proved impressive, if not concerning. Earlier last year and this year Anonymous also announced they planned to shut down Facebook, which so far has been unsuccessful.

We hope you found this week’s update useful. Please do keep up with us during the week via Twitter and Facebook.