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This week...Our next Big 10 opens, technology experts say there’s no way around Google reCaptcha and Twitter gets a new look.

on 12th December

It’s that time of the week where we fill you in with all that’s been going on in the world of travel and technology. Read on to find out about our next Big 10 competition, Stelios’s next move and Twitter and Google+ updates.  

CWT Digital News:

Next Big 10-12th December- We’ve now opened up our next Big 10 and this month we are giving away the chance to win a 12 month Online Marketing Strategy. This prize includes a consultation with our marketing team who will provide an integrated online marketing plan which collaborates SEO, PPC, social media and content creation. This prize will prove invaluable to the winner and demonstrates the importance of having an integrated approach to your marketing. The closing date is the 3rd January and you can enter your details here.

CWT Digital goes Ice Skating-16th December- This Friday is the CWT Digital Christmas party and we’re heading down to the Brighton Pavilion to show off our ice skating skills (or lack of in some cases). Make sure you keep an eye out on our Facebook page for the pictures!

Travel News:

Hoberman and Stelios strike deal-12th December- Brent Hoberman the co-founder of and the EasyJet shareholder Sir Stelios are being linked in a new deal to revamp EasyCar, the EasyJet based car rental service. EasyCar is developing a person to person ‘Car Club’ which involves car owners renting out their cars whilst earning cash. The idea of the scheme is so EasyCar can offer cheaper rates as well as saving car emissions. The rented cars are all tracked which means that you can search online for cars in your area which are available to rent. The Car Club is expected to go live in the London area in the new year.

Technology researcher report suggests reCaptcha can’t be broken-9th December- Since Ryanair added reCaptcha to prevent 3rd parties from screen scrapping, technology developers have been looking into ways around it. A recent report from Stanford Security Laboratory revealed that technology experts have yet to find a way around Google’s reCaptcha. This news will in no doubt be disappointing to many dynamic packaging sites who up until now used screen scrapping tools to gain access to Ryanair’s live availability and pricing.  

Technology News:

Twitter rolls out new design-8th December- Last Thursday Twitter rolled out its new design and features to both the main site and smartphone apps. The new design is aimed at providing a better user experience as well as adding the feature to embed pictures and videos into your news feed. The update has yet to reach iPad users but so far response to the changes have been positive. Mashable have also released this 25 top tips for getting the most out of new Twitter.

Google+ adds Find my Face-9th December- Not far behind Twitter, Google+ also announced some new features to their social network. Find my Face is a new facial recognition service which automatically tags friends in your circles faces when uploading pictures. Very similar to Facebook’s facial recognition service but with one key difference, the feature is opt in. Learning from Facebook’s mistakes, Google+ made sure that this scheme has to be enabled by the user, something which Facebook got heavily criticised. Google+ can also now be integrated with Gmail so your emails can reflect your circles. Both updates will be rolled out over the next few days.

That’s all from us this week, we hope you enjoyed our selection of top news and as always you can keep up to date with us on Twitter, Facebook and now Google+.