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This Week...Travel Republic sold & holiday prices on the up | CWT Digital

on 3rd January

Hello and welcome back! We hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year and are now settling back into work mode. As we all know, January is one of the busiest peaks in travel and we expect the rush will be keeping you all on your toes. We’ve had a look at some of the top stories in both travel and technology over the festive period and summarised them for you to catch up with.

CWT Digital News:

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Travel News:

Travel Republic has been Sold-3rd January- The news that Travel Republic has been sold to Dnata has shocked the travel industry this morning. The company sold 100% of it’s shares to the partner of Emirates on December 29th, when the deal was finalised. The article which was released this morning has surprised not only the industry but the Travel Republic staff who had yet to be told. MD Kane Pirie responded to an article on Travel Weekly in regards to his staff’s concerns stating that ‘Dnata will help accelerate growth. 2012 will be a busy year and we will be continuing to recruit and expand. The transaction is a positive achievement for all Travel Republicans’. 

Holiday Prices to rise by up to 15% in 2012?-3rd January- It is speculated that travel companies will be forced to up their prices this year in order to compensate for the upcoming APD hike in April, the introduction of the EU Carbon Trading Scheme and higher priced accommodation and transfers. Joel Brandon-Bravo, MD of Travelzoo, commented on the lack of aggressive sale tactics this year stating that deals and offers from companies such as Thomas Cook and Thomson were ‘disappointing’. Hoteliers in mainly Greece and Italy are also rumoured to be holding back discounting in the fear that it will spiral out of control.

Technology News:

New Design for Google Homepage-3rd January- Google is currently rolling out a new homepage design which aims at promoting other Google products. The new search bar will be clickable from a light grey logo which will lead to a menu containing Google products such as gmail, documents and YouTube. Not surprisingly the top slot of the drop down menu is given to Google+, maybe an attempt to increase use?

Chrome jumps up in popularity-3rd January- Google’s Chrome browser experienced a massive increase in usage during 2011 and has leaped firmly into 2nd place behind Internet Explorer. Stats from 2011 showed that whilst Internet Explorer has 39% of the market share Chrome is a close behind with 27% with Firefox  behind owning 25% market share. At the beginning of 2011 Firefox was ahead of Chrome with over 30% demonstrating how popularity for the browser has increased. This is an important consideration for websites and it’s important that Chrome is considered in all testing and site building.

That’s all from us this week, we hope you enjoyed our update and found it useful. As always if you want to keep up top date with us in the week then you can follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook. Have a great rest of the week.