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This week...Easy Jet introduce flexible fares, new safety guidelines for the ash cloud and Google launches own version of Groupon

on 31st May

Welcome back to yet another instalment of ‘This Week’ with CWT Digital. We hope you had a great weekend and are ready to start your week. To keep you up to date with we’ve picked out some of the hottest topics in travel and technology this week. We hope you enjoy!

Travel News:

Easy Jet to introduce ‘flexible fares’- 27th May- Easy Jet has just announced that they could be introducing flexible fares as early as June. The flexible fares, which have been introduced to business travellers in November allows passengers to change their flights as many times as needed within 1 week before and up to 3 weeks after the original booking date. Speedy boarding is also included with the service as well as a standard hold luggage. It is believed that this new service will broaden Easy Jet’s market share.

Ash Cloud flight safety now relaxed- 27th May- After last weeks ash cloud scare the CAA have released new safety guidelines which allow planes to fly under identified zones of ash concentrated areas. The CAA will determine if an area is of low, medium or high concentrate. If it is low or medium then planes will be able to fly below, thus decreasing disruption. This news will no doubt be welcome news from flight and travel operators, who suffer major loss with last year’s ash crisis.

BA become 1st UK airline to accept mobile boarding- 1st June- As of today BA now accepts mobile boarding from their new app for smart phones. The app provides users with real time flight updates and at Heathrow’s terminal 5 gives gae alerts on when flights are about to leave from gates. The app is available to BA’s Executive club, which is free for anyone to join.

Technology News:

Google launches it’s own version of Groupon-31st May- Today Eric Schmidt the Executive Chairman of Google announced that they will release the Google alternative to Groupon, ‘Google Offers’. The service is to be launched 1st in Portland and then rolled out in the United States before it reaches other countries like the UK. Google Offers is very similar to Groupon in the sense that it gives daily deals from thousands of merchants but it can also be tied in with Google Wallet, Google’s NFC payment system. Google did try to buy Groupon a few months ago and failed and Google offers has been launched as a result of this.

Twitter launches new follow button for websites- 31st May- Twitter has launched a new follow button which enables users to directly follow a company or brand without having to move to Twitter to sign in. Now that users can follow a company in just one click it is believed that the uptake in Twitter followers will increase.

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