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This week…Google Plus rises & Concordia rescue continues | CWT Digital

on 23rd January

Last week was yet another busy week for both travel and technology but the most talked about topic was the SOPA and PIPA bills in the US. The 2 bills aimed at preventing online piracy would have a detrimental effect on the online industry and last week we saw some large online players uniting to fight the passing of the bills. In the travel world, the Costa Concordia was still very much talked about with many debating the captain’s actions during the crisis. For all this and more then read on!

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Travel News:

Costa Concordia recovery continues- 23rd Jan- Following last weeks tragedy the search for missing bodies is still continuing with 20 passengers not yet accounted for. A woman was found on the 6th deck and was recovered by divers bringing the death count up to 13. This sad disaster has been a huge focus in the press with several reports coming out last week damaging Costa Cruises safety reputation. The captain, Francesco Schettino, is currently under house arrest for manslaughter whilst the investigation continues.

Egypt will recover- 20th Jan- Despite a turbulent 2011 for Egypt,  tour operators are confident that the tourist destination will recover. Having dropped in numbers from 1.5 million tourists in 2010 to just over 1 million in 2011, several agents have stated that sales will return but on a steady basis. For many years Egypt has been a top destination for British tourists, drawn to its all year round sunshine and affordable 5* hotels and it would be a great outcome for the travel industry for it to return to its former popularity.

Technology News:

End of SOPA?- 20th Jan- Last week SOPA and PIPA were dominating the Internet when the new proposed privacy changes were challenged by several online giants. Both SOPA and PIPA are focused on stopping online piracy by monitoring sites and preventing linking to other sources outside your website, something which would certainly damage the way in which we use and market online. Wednesday 18th or ‘the day the Internet went dark’ several large sites ‘went dark’ meaning the site hosted a black screen hosting anti SOPA messages. Wikipedia, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Google all strongly campaigned against SOPA and Google also carried out a petition which got over 7 million signatures in a day. On Friday it was announced that the congress had cancelled a vote to move the bill forward. This was a great success for the Internet who all joined forces to campaign for the bill to be dropped and the right to a free Internet. There is still a threat that SOPA and PIPA could return but for now the proposal has been put on a back burner, much to the joy of many online users.

Google forces new accounts to sign up for Google+- 20th Jan- In another attempt to push up Google+ usage, new users wanting to create a Google account will now be forced to join the network as part of the sign up process. This new requirement from Google has caused criticism by many digital marketers as making its service mandatory could potentially put off new users. Google were also under fire last week when Search Plus Your World was introduced, meaning that search was now effected by your Google+ account. Google announced last week that membership had reached 90 million, despite this it is reported that activity on the site was very underwhelming.

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