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on 13th February

Monday is once again upon us which means it is of course time for another this week update. Last week there were some interesting topics being discussed at Travel Technology Europe with many innovating and intriguing technology being revealed. Some of you may be attending a selection of the various seminars during Social Media Week this week in London.

To help you catch up with all of last week’s top travel and technology news we’ve picked out the most substantial stories in the news as well as the latest from us at CWT Digital.

CWT Digital News:

Final Big 10- Our 10th and final Big 10 competition to win a travel consultancy session is still open. The consultancy session will give the winning travel company an excellent insight into the current travel industry environment as well as the leading travel technology. The panel will consist of CWT Digital travel and technology experts as well as a guest appearance from Steve Endacott, CEO of On Holiday Group and leading travel industry expert. If you want to be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize then you can enter your company here.

Travel News:

Travel Industry is failing to provide better options for families- 9th Feb- The hugely successful family site Mumsnet has just spoken out against the industry claiming that due to lack of flexibility both single parent families and larger families are opting for camping and home swapping instead of opting for a packaged holidays abroad. According to the head of communications at Mumsnet ‘travel companies operate on the assumption that you’re not a single parent, which is very frustrating’ and suggesting there is a real opportunity for travel companies that ‘can see past the 2.4 child family’. In this day and age where families range from all sizes it is important for both agents and hotels to consider that the traditional 2 adults 2 children family isn’t the only size they should be catering for.

Carnival announced as the top FTSE100 company using social media-10th Feb-In the recent FTSE 100 social media index, Carnival topped the list with its use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and blogging. Despite being recognised as one of the most developed company in terms of social media activity, it was noted that during the Costa Concordia disaster they were not making the most of the platforms. During the crisis Carnival decided to take a back step from social communications when it really should have been upfront about the situation, giving as much information as possible. There has been a significant increase on FTSE companies investing in social media and it’s great news that a travel company is leading the way in making the most out of these channels.

Technology News:

LinkedIn to introduce Mobile Ads- 10th Feb- Following closely after Facebook’s announcement, LinkedIn have also declared they too will be entering the ad space for mobile phones. LinkedIn have recently seen an influx of traffic from mobiles  including its own app. Mobile advertising will have to be approached very carefully by both companies due to the small advertising space available on the mobile screen so it’s important not to be too invasive as users will revolt if too many marketing messages are pushed in their face. It is expected that the ads will be introduced shortly.

Is Groupon dying in popularity?- 9th Feb- Groupon has recently revealed a loss of $43 million in its fourth quarter which was a disappointing blow to its current share holders whose shares have now dropped. The daily deals site, which has received much attention from both consumers and business, has so far proved popular. It is hoped by Groupon that the next quarter will help boost profits and believe that they can come back from low profits. It is interesting that last week we mentioned that several large travel companies had stated that Groupon was damaging for brands and had no intention to use the platform.......could this be the beginning of the end for Groupon?

Thank you for reading our weekly update we hope you found our update useful. As always you can keep up with us during the week with Twitter and Facebook. Have a great week.