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This week...Our next Big 10 competition opens, Carnival causes controversy and Facebook ditches deals

on 30th August

Hope you enjoyed the extended bank holiday weekend! To get you back into work mode we’ve got our weekly update of all things travel and technology as well as our usual update with what’s happening with CWT Digital. We had some excellent coverage in Travel Weekly and Travolution last week on our Big 10 cruise prize, which was awarded to Cruise Answers, you can read the Travolution article here. We’ve also launched a new Big 10 prize, read here to find out more.....

CWT Digital News

Our Next Big 10- 30th August- We have now launched our next Big 10 competition to win a free PPC Audit. The prize includes our Online Marketing team carrying out a full audit on your current PPC campaign and to provide a document of recommendations to direct your PPC campaign in the future. PPC is an essential tool to direct traffic to your site so it’s important that you get it right, an audit from our PPC experts will enable you to see how your doing and where to go next. The closing date to enter is 21st September, you can enter here.

Travel News:

Cruise news: Carnival moves to direct payments- 30th August- Carnival have now announced a move to direct payments. This decision is believed to be in response to the collapse of Gill’s Cruise Centre from which Carnival lost millions of pounds. The move to direct payments has caused some controversy with agents some of whom believe that the move is unfair and asks Carnival to ‘stop beating us up’.  Carnival believe that the move to direct payments is required to prevent another Gill’s Cruise situation claiming ‘the buck stops here’.

95% of ABTA members vote for airlines to be included in ATOL- 30th August- A survey conducted by ABTA to it’s members over the new ATOL reform,showed that 95% wanted airlines to be included in the protection. It is believed by members that airlines provide a vital part of a holiday so should therefore be included in ATOL protection. Mark Tanzer, Chief Exec of ABTA said ‘There is overwhelming support for airlines to be included because without them, the scheme will not provide a truly comprehensive and fair system of consumer financial protection’. ABTA is urging travel agents to get the support of MP’s to change this reform so that it benefits all aspects of holidays.

Technology News:

Google+ adds translation tool- 30th August- Google+ has released a Google Translate tool for the new social networking platform to make users communicate in different languages easier. The release of the tool came after having feedback from Google+ users who wanted an easier way to read posts in different langages. The tool was released last Monday and is expected to improve the way in which users use Google+.

Facebook decides to ditch Deals- 30th August- Facebook has announced that it will not be rolling out it’s Facebook Deals product, which was aimed at creating local deals in a Groupon manner. After testing for 4 months Facebook has decided that Deals is not for them although Check-In deals will still be available. Check-In deals involve users being offered vouchers and discounts once they have checked in to a premises of the chain/ company. Facebook also decided to scrap Places a few days before, which was another location based tool which pinpointed users locations and shared them with their friends.

Thats all we have for you this week, we hope you enjoyed our update. If you want to keep up with CWT Digital throughout the week then you can follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook. Have a great rest of the week!