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This week...CWT Digital go treasure hunting, could APD rise stop families going on holiday and Facebook add subscribe button

on 19th September

Welcome back to our instalment of ‘This Week’. We have as always been very busy here at CWT Digital. Read on to catch up with the latest Big 10 news, find out what we got up to on our summer social as well as the top news for all things travel and technology.

CWT Digital News:

Big 10 email campaign winner- 19th September- We are very pleased to announce that the winner of our Big 10 Email Campaign is a Brighton based traditional children’s nightwear retailer. CWT Digital will be designing an email template which will be sent out to So Good Night’s database using our ClickMail technology. We will be using our expert knowledge of email marketing campaigns and adapt best practice from travel email campaigns to make sure we get the optimum results.

CWT Digital go on a treasure hunt- 16th September- Last Friday as part of our summer social the CWT team split into 3 groups and went on a treasure hunt around Brighton. The hunt involved our teams running around Brighton collecting random items and having pictures at various landmarks in a race against time to collect points. The day was a great success and we got some brilliant pictures of the day, which we’ll add to Facebook shortly.

There’s still time!-19th September- There is still time to enter our current Big 10 campaign to win a PPC Audit for your company, you can see details of the prize and apply here

Travel News:

APD rise could price families out of flying- 16th September- A recent survey conducted by ABTA asking MP’s their opinion on plans to introduce a double-inflation rise in APD in 2012 revealed concerns that families will no longer be able to afford to fly. It was shown that 75% of MP’s asked agreed that "further rises in aviation taxation may price some people out of flying” and around 20 MP’s have written to the Chancellor urging him to re-consider the increase. The APD increase is expected to be announced on the 29th November in his Autumn statement. If the increase is to go ahead it will undoubtedly have an effect on holidaymakers in particular families. jumps on the flash sale bandwagon- 15th September- have announed that it will be launching it’s own version of flash sales across it’s European sites. Unlike competitor Expedia, which created a partnership with Groupon to create Groupon Getaways, will be creating it’s own branded version of flash sales. believe that having it’s own flash sale site would prove more successful than using 3rd parties for deals, claiming that ‘booking feels there is sustainable value in offering unique deals that are not being promoted elsewhere.” The flash sales works very similar to Groupon and Living Social by sending out regular emails with hotel deals.

Technology News:

Facebook launch subscribe button- 15th September- Last week Facebook started rolling out the subscribe button, which has been compared to the Twitter follow button. The subscribe button means that you can subscribe to someones status updates without having top be their friends. The subscribe button coincides with the release of lists from which you can categorise your friends into different lists (a move similar to Google+’s circles). The move is quite a controversial one for Facebook who traditionally is a friend only platform, Mashable looks at the effects of the new feature in this article.

Google announce launch of Flight Search-15th September- The new flight search function was released into the US last week and has managed to cause quite a stir in the travel industry. The search function, which can be found at gives users real time results for flight searches, which will charge advertising sites an affiliate fee. It is feared that as Google has such a strong dominance online that the introduction of the flight search would be prioritised over other flight search sites such as Kayak.

That’s all from us this week, we hope you found our update enjoyable. As always you can keep up with us all week long by following us on Twitter or linking us on Facebook. Have a good rest of the week.